Crescent & Fox Pathway: navigating Stratford Place

Travelling east from College Drive can be tricky, but there is a way through, if you know it.  This sketch shows a route eastward from College Drive, without riding on Perkins Road.
The pictured area may be viewed in this online map, and exercise your map- reading skills.   Meandering through the Stratford Place subdivision appears deceptively easy on the map, but a missed turn in this neighborhood can require much riding in circles, trying to find your way out… some of us know!  Some cyclists like to use paper maps, others prefer GPS wayfinding.  Smartphones and their ilk could  search online for maps, or one could load map images into a cellphone for quick viewing.
You might have noticed that many areas of Baton Rouge lack contiguous grids of streets, some neighborhoods are cul de sacs, and streets sometimes change names or suddenly alter direction.  Unfortunately, despite the traffic snarls caused by these layouts and the hindrance of efficient emergency response, we are still making exceptions to the laws and disregarding the need for connectivity.