Crescent & Fox Pathway: Nairn Crossing

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Here is a connector route southeast from Midcity, which takes advantage of Nairn Street bridging across I- 10.   And, thank- you BREC and DPW, there is now a connector pathway crossing to Ferrett and Balis (behind the Wal- Mart).   Sharrow markings along the way are sometimes ignored by motorists; debris on the bridge and at the entrance to Nairn Park can be hazardous.  But it still seems better than riding on College or Perkins.  Please phone if you notice problems, to 311, or use their online reporting.
Bicycle travel in Baton Rouge can be challenging.  Some of us are not comfortable riding on arterial roads, so studying online maps and making paper printouts can help.  Saving images of map sections on the cellphone can make this navigation tactic even more convenient... just open the picture, rather than hoping for a signal and surfing the internet.   The Nairn Street map area may be viewed online here.

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