Crescent & Fox Pathway: the missing keystone

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We have been praying for rapid action of  state and local officials, dealing with the hazardous stretch of Perkins Road that has killed and maimed our friends and fellow cyclists. The lanes on Perkins Road are not wide enough for a bicycle and a car to share side- by- side. Automobile speed limits are posted as 45 mph, but if you drive 50, a stream of irate motorists will still pass you at breakneck speeds. The lane edges have drain grates and debris. Tall, perpendicular- faced curbs would limit the chances for a cyclist to escape danger by dodging off the roadway. Some have taken to bicycling in the center turn- lane, but that causes much confusion and consternation for the motorists. An online map and satellite views of the pictured area are available here.

A “Crescent  & Fox Memorial Pathway” through this Perkins Road corridor could provide the keystone link, interconnecting Moss Side, Pollard, Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Campus Federal Credit Union, Perkins Road Park, Kenilworth, and One Perkins Place. And, in the larger view, this would complete connections to serve a huge expanse of businesses, shopping malls, colleges, medical facilities, and residential neighborhoods which lie along adjoining neighborhood routes and within practical bicycle distances. It seems appropriate to associate Nathan’s Crescent & Fox artwork with a pathway, that it might be a tribute to him and others who have been killed or maimed on this segment of Perkins Road. Visit www.crescentand for a history of the logo, or for trust fund information.

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