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Crescent & Fox Memorial Pathway: Hyacinth through Pollard

There is said to be a path across the Ford pasture, and a route through Pollard Estates.  We have also heard that the owners don’t object to your crossing, but always close the gates as you found them.  Disclaimer:  we have not ridden this route; here is a link to the online map.
  • East on Hyacinth
  • North on Glasgow
  • East on Sweetbriar
  • North on Dauphine St
  • Cross pasture to N. Pointer Ct.
  • South on Pointer Ct
  • East on S. Columbine
  • East on S. Pollard
  • East and North on Quail Dr

Dotted line across pasture is a through- street planned in the Rouzan development.