Outcry: need connector paths and bike lanes!

This page is a collection of ideas which could improve “bikeability” in Baton Rouge. Please look them over; contribute your own suggestions to the discussion. Baton Rouge lacks connectivity in many parts of town, due to the prevalence of cul- de- sac neighborhoods: there are no through streets. Cyclists are forced to routes around these neighborhoods, and that often requires riding on busy arterial roadways with no bicycle lanes or improved shoulders.
My feeling is that the most needed is a neighborhood route, E- W, from LSU following Boone/ N. Oak hills and across Siegen. Developing the Burbank shoulder (a HealthyBR project) will have the same end- destination, easier to establish, but would lack the residential connectivity.

1. Capitol Heights to BRCC, bike and pedestrian crossing for Government St
2. Claycut to Capitol Heights connector along west side of Acadian Thruway; avoiding left turns from Claycut to connect via Florence.
3. Bike X-ing sign needed on Foster at Capitol Heights
4. Bike lane stopsign, eastbound Capitol Heights at Foster.
5. Capitol Heights, eastbound needs some 4- way stop signs on the bike lane.
6. Bluebonnet Rd. to Cal Rd., crossing Bluebonnet Blvd
7. Now served by Nairn crossing: College drive, under Interstate, Aldrige to Rabey
8. Nairn pathway needs improved access from the street: need curb- cut and finer gravel through the parking lot.
9. Nairn needs touch- up of sharrows
10. North Oak Hills, east of Bluebonnet, continued to N. Oak Hills, crossing Siegen to access Village St. George and Highland Road Park.
11. Stanford Ave, from Hyacinth to LSU Ave
12. Stanford Ave Park: is that a pedestrian sidewalk?
13. Stanford and W. Lakeshore: improve bicycle access to LSU Ave.
14. Pikes Ln to Picardy, connecting Moss Side to Essen and OLOL, BR General, Mall of LA; add a RR X-ing to access Swaggert.
15. Connection across Irene behind Pennington Biomed, linking Quail to Kenilworth. Or complete a multiuse path along Perkins Rd. frontage from Quail to Kennilworth.
16. Burbank to Highland Rd Observatory and Highland Park: there appears to be a waterway or trail already across there.
17. Bike and pedestrian connectors around the new Liberty Lagoon Park
18. Levee Path up- ramp at Oklahoma Street needs paving.
19. Nicholson Path south of LSU needs refurbishing.
20. E. Lakeshore Path westbound from Dalrymple ends abruptly in parking area with potholes; need running- room to merge into traffic lane.
21. Whitehaven to S. Pollard connector. Or skirt St. James Place to connect to Boone.
22. New Staring Extension has bike lanes to Burbank?
23. Sevenoaks has a new sidewalk. Or, if it’s a multiuse path, it needs signage.
24. Burbank Dr. shoulders (HealthyBR project) would be a great route: need cleaning, signage, “bike boxes” at major intersections, also need connector to Jennifer Jean and E. Boyd.
25. Perkins Rd Overpass needs bike crossing underneath, or alongside.
26. Park Blvd. convert parking lanes to bike lanes, tying in to the planned (HealthyBR) bike lanes on 19th Street.
27. Highland Rd. multiuse trail alongside, to replace the existing goat path through ditches and people’s yards, from Kenilworth to LSU Ave.
28. N- S route near N. Sherwood Forest, Oak Villa/ Joor, or Flannery.
29. E- W route paralleling Greenwell Springs Rd.
30. Shoulder cleanup, intersection markings, and bike- boxes along Florida Blvd.
31. N- S route crossing the Interstate(s) somewhere near the split.
32. Jefferson Hwy parallel route would connect Corporate Blvd., medical centers, Country Club, Westminster, Inniswold, Jefferson Terrace.
33. Connector examples are Moore Street connector between Capitol Heights and Claycut, and the Interstate crossing which has added a new path through Nairn Park to Ferrett St.