Crescent & Fox Pathway: access via Hyacinth

A bicycle route eastbound from LSU Campus would conveniently follow Hyacinth Avenue.  However, without turning left to ride on Perkins Road, there is an obstacle to proceeding east from Glasgow Avenue.  As shown in this sketch, there is no other connectivity across to Pollard Estates.  However, there are said to be gates and goat paths across the field there.  Suggestions of trails seem to be visible online, in this satellite view.  Future streets or pathways which might span that gap remain an uncertain aspect of plans for Rouzan development.
Hyacinth is an important bicycle route, offering good connectivity from S. Lakeshore, E. Lakeshore, and LSU Avenue, thus serving LSU Campus, residential neighborhoods, and apartment complexes in that area.  Hyacinth forms a straight run from its intersection with Stanford Avenue, across Lee Drive, to Glasgow.  There have been plans and even a bit of Federal funding, toward adding bike lanes along Hyacinth.  Years are passing and there has been no obvious start on the project, but construction would surely have to wait until the massive sewer overhauls (much needed and much overdue) are completed in that area.  The most recent news I found about Hyacinth bike lanes was in this article.

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