Crescent & Fox Memorial Pathway: a proposal

Perkins Road has again shown itself as a traffic danger to the Bike Community, and we have been trying to get this emergency recognized and resolved since October, when bicycle traffic increased greatly through that corridor. Meanwhile, our friend Nathan died there in January; and now Jason in September. The Perkins Road area where Nathan and Jason were killed constitutes a "keystone" in east- west bicycle routes. Without the means to safely ride through that corridor, it becomes a barrier to bicycle traffic.  And it blocks more than access to the sports- park complex! Routes to the Medical District, the Mall of Louisiana, all of North Baton Rouge, LSU, Midcity, and Downtown all interconnect through that corridor. Pennington Biomedical Research Center might become a key partner in resolving this situation if they are approached appropriately to seek their approval and resolve any legal and liability issues PBRC may have.  The quickest "fix" would be to cross PBRC property,which would of course, require meetings of  all other players with PBRC.  Beyond that, the simple matters of paint and publicity could be accomplished in short order.  We, the bike community, pray for state and local officials to meet with PBRC and seek their assistance to resolve this safety need for bicycle traffic.  Here's a link to some ideas:  definitely not a professional proposal, merely observations from a bicyclist's perspective.

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