20th Anniversary, the Interstellar Critical Mass!

That’s how they are billing it in San Francisco.  San Francisco started Critical Mass in September 1992. Rolling down the road 20 years, Critical Mass is now celebrated in over 300 cities worldwide. They are working on a book and are soliciting essays, pictures, fliers, artwork... any language.  Here’s a link.
Any special activities planned for Baton Rouge? We’ll get them on the Bike Calendar.

Friends of Bikes

Please favor the businesses who welcome, accommodate, and contribute to cycling in Baton Rouge. Additional nominations welcome.
Chelsea’s CafĂ©, 2857 Perkins Rd.

The Radio Bar, 3079 Government Street, Suite B

Mid City Bikes, 2560 Government St. 225-636-5776

Highland Coffees, 3350 Highland Rd. 225-336-9773

The Bicycle Shop, 3315 Highland Rd. 225-344-5624

Jim Stone Co, 13751 Florida Blvd. 225-272-5707

Pastime Restaurant, 252 South Blvd. 225-343-5490

Bet- R Grocery, 2812 Kalurah St. 225-343-2361

Garden District Coffee, 2008 Perkins Rd. 225-338-5333

Dave’s Bicycle Repair, Free pickup and delivery. 225-924-4337

Zydeco Foods nutrition bars, Lafayette, LA. www.zydecobars.com

Pedal Play Bicycles, 13726 Perkins Rd. 225) 761-9286

Capitol Cyclery, 8424 Florida Blvd. 225-927-1997

Capitol Cyclery, 5778 Essen Ln. 225-766-4004

Capitol Cyclery, 5542 Jones Creek Rd. 225-756-3578

Pastime Restaurant, 252 South Blvd. 225-343-5490

Bricks & Bombs, 449 Hearthstone Dr. 225-439-1033

Daniel R. Shea, DDS, 1930 Perkins Rd. 225-344-0391

Rite Aid Pharmacy # 7315, 3433 Government St. 225-387-0808

Magpie Cafe, 3205 Perkins Rd. 225-366-6885

Our Lady of the Lake Reg. Med. Cen. 5000 Hennessy Blvd. 225.765.6565

Got Bicycling Events for August?

We'll be happy to list your cycling events on the calendar... know of some happenings around the Baton Rouge area? Post them here or drop a note by Midcity Bikes so we can include them.

Bicyclists’ Writes: could a Traffic Skills class improve BR’s bicycle policies?

This just in from the Bike League’s blog: A city councilman in Sioux Falls, SD felt his Traffic Skills 101 experience was “a huge educational process”, and it spurred him to reevaluate bicycle policy. Within a few weeks, the city council had unanimously passed a favorable new bicycle ordinance. Maybe we could cajole Baton Rouge’s council members and get one or two to attend, next time a local LCI holds the class. Link to article

Bicyclists’ Writes: Business Benefits from Biking

A study at Portland State University explores the potential for economic impact upon businesses, when automobile accommodations are lost to bicycle infrastructure. Preliminary results reviewed in the Bike Portland blog imply quite the contrary. While motorists averaged more dollars spent per trip, they made fewer trips. Thus, customers who arrived by car spent the lowest amount per person per month, when compared with those who bicycled, walked, or came by public transit. The article may be found here. Ongoing study is scheduled to continue through September.

Bicyclists’ Writes: Vulnerable User Law

Louisiana should aspire to this! Hopefully, a new law in the state of Washington will help roadway safety by demanding motorist attention to the very serious task of driving. The law specifically targets negligent drivers who kill or seriously injure vulnerable roadway users. In addition to bicyclists and pedestrians, vulnerable users include persons riding an animal, farm tractors, electric-assisted bicycles, scooters and roller-skates, electric personal assistive mobility devices, mopeds and motorcycles. link to the article from Cascade Bicycle Club.

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