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Bicyclists’ Writes: It’s All about the Bike

I found a new book in the EBRP Library: Robert Penn’s It’s All about the Bike (2011, Bloomsbury USA, New York). After biking everywhere, every day, and a ride around the world, I would say Penn has earned  his dream of having THE bike. What a marvelous tale about his quest for a perfect bicycle! Well written and fun reading, much fascinating detail of bicycle history has been laced into the story, along with the personalities of inventors and component designers who contributed to Rob’s new ride. On Rob’s website there are details of the author, his other works, and even a picture of his dream bike.

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Crescent & Fox Memorial Pathway: Hyacinth through Pollard

There is said to be a path across the Ford pasture, and a route through Pollard Estates.  We have also heard that the owners don’t object to your crossing, but always close the gates as you found them.  Disclaimer:  we have not ridden this route; here is a link to the online map.
  • East on Hyacinth
  • North on Glasgow
  • East on Sweetbriar
  • North on Dauphine St
  • Cross pasture to N. Pointer Ct.
  • South on Pointer Ct
  • East on S. Columbine
  • East on S. Pollard
  • East and North on Quail Dr

Dotted line across pasture is a through- street planned in the Rouzan development.

Crescent & Fox Pathway: access via Hyacinth

A bicycle route eastbound from LSU Campus would conveniently follow Hyacinth Avenue.  However, without turning left to ride on Perkins Road, there is an obstacle to proceeding east from Glasgow Avenue.  As shown in this sketch, there is no other connectivity across to Pollard Estates.  However, there are said to be gates and goat paths across the field there.  Suggestions of trails seem to be visible online, in this satellite view.  Future streets or pathways which might span that gap remain an uncertain aspect of plans for Rouzan development.
Hyacinth is an important bicycle route, offering good connectivity from S. Lakeshore, E. Lakeshore, and LSU Avenue, thus serving LSU Campus, residential neighborhoods, and apartment complexes in that area.  Hyacinth forms a straight run from its intersection with Stanford Avenue, across Lee Drive, to Glasgow.  There have been plans and even a bit of Federal funding, toward adding bike lanes along Hyacinth.  Years are passing and there has been no obvious start on the project, but construction would surely have to wait until the massive sewer overhauls (much needed and much overdue) are completed in that area.  The most recent news I found about Hyacinth bike lanes was in this article.

Crescent & Fox Pathway: navigating Stratford Place

Travelling east from College Drive can be tricky, but there is a way through, if you know it.  This sketch shows a route eastward from College Drive, without riding on Perkins Road.
The pictured area may be viewed in this online map, and exercise your map- reading skills.   Meandering through the Stratford Place subdivision appears deceptively easy on the map, but a missed turn in this neighborhood can require much riding in circles, trying to find your way out… some of us know!  Some cyclists like to use paper maps, others prefer GPS wayfinding.  Smartphones and their ilk could  search online for maps, or one could load map images into a cellphone for quick viewing.
You might have noticed that many areas of Baton Rouge lack contiguous grids of streets, some neighborhoods are cul de sacs, and streets sometimes change names or suddenly alter direction.  Unfortunately, despite the traffic snarls caused by these layouts and the hindrance of efficient emergency response, we are still making exceptions to the laws and disregarding the need for connectivity.

Crescent & Fox Pathway: Nairn Crossing

Click for larger view

Here is a connector route southeast from Midcity, which takes advantage of Nairn Street bridging across I- 10.   And, thank- you BREC and DPW, there is now a connector pathway crossing to Ferrett and Balis (behind the Wal- Mart).   Sharrow markings along the way are sometimes ignored by motorists; debris on the bridge and at the entrance to Nairn Park can be hazardous.  But it still seems better than riding on College or Perkins.  Please phone if you notice problems, to 311, or use their online reporting.
Bicycle travel in Baton Rouge can be challenging.  Some of us are not comfortable riding on arterial roads, so studying online maps and making paper printouts can help.  Saving images of map sections on the cellphone can make this navigation tactic even more convenient... just open the picture, rather than hoping for a signal and surfing the internet.   The Nairn Street map area may be viewed online here.

Crescent & Fox Pathway: the missing keystone

Click picture for closer view
We have been praying for rapid action of  state and local officials, dealing with the hazardous stretch of Perkins Road that has killed and maimed our friends and fellow cyclists. The lanes on Perkins Road are not wide enough for a bicycle and a car to share side- by- side. Automobile speed limits are posted as 45 mph, but if you drive 50, a stream of irate motorists will still pass you at breakneck speeds. The lane edges have drain grates and debris. Tall, perpendicular- faced curbs would limit the chances for a cyclist to escape danger by dodging off the roadway. Some have taken to bicycling in the center turn- lane, but that causes much confusion and consternation for the motorists. An online map and satellite views of the pictured area are available here.

A “Crescent  & Fox Memorial Pathway” through this Perkins Road corridor could provide the keystone link, interconnecting Moss Side, Pollard, Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Campus Federal Credit Union, Perkins Road Park, Kenilworth, and One Perkins Place. And, in the larger view, this would complete connections to serve a huge expanse of businesses, shopping malls, colleges, medical facilities, and residential neighborhoods which lie along adjoining neighborhood routes and within practical bicycle distances. It seems appropriate to associate Nathan’s Crescent & Fox artwork with a pathway, that it might be a tribute to him and others who have been killed or maimed on this segment of Perkins Road. Visit www.crescentand for a history of the logo, or for trust fund information.

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Bicyclists' Writes: Cyclists Subsidize Motorists

Yep, we've heard it before, that cyclists should be kept off the roads, as they are not paying for them.  Well, this article from MoTown breaks it down, and shows that numbers get juggled and hidden costs are being conveniently ignored.  Quite the opposite case is made in this article, "Cyclists subsidize Motorists".

Crescent & Fox Memorial Pathway: a proposal

Perkins Road has again shown itself as a traffic danger to the Bike Community, and we have been trying to get this emergency recognized and resolved since October, when bicycle traffic increased greatly through that corridor. Meanwhile, our friend Nathan died there in January; and now Jason in September. The Perkins Road area where Nathan and Jason were killed constitutes a "keystone" in east- west bicycle routes. Without the means to safely ride through that corridor, it becomes a barrier to bicycle traffic.  And it blocks more than access to the sports- park complex! Routes to the Medical District, the Mall of Louisiana, all of North Baton Rouge, LSU, Midcity, and Downtown all interconnect through that corridor. Pennington Biomedical Research Center might become a key partner in resolving this situation if they are approached appropriately to seek their approval and resolve any legal and liability issues PBRC may have.  The quickest "fix" would be to cross PBRC property,which would of course, require meetings of  all other players with PBRC.  Beyond that, the simple matters of paint and publicity could be accomplished in short order.  We, the bike community, pray for state and local officials to meet with PBRC and seek their assistance to resolve this safety need for bicycle traffic.  Here's a link to some ideas:  definitely not a professional proposal, merely observations from a bicyclist's perspective.

Bike Calendar format

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About Critical Mass

Last Friday of every month

5:30 pm at the LSU clock tower (Usually rolls a bit after 6 pm)
facebook= Critical Mass- Baton Rouge

  • CM originated in San Francisco, September, 1992.
  • CM happens around the world, in over 300 cities.
  • NO membership; NO organization; NO leaders;
  • NO agenda. NO set route; NO permit.
  • CM is a celebration of cycling, an assertion of rights.

Misbehavior might get you castigated

  • Critical Mass has no centralized structure, thus no organization with rules.  However, a few “suggestions” could enhance the celebration aspect of CM, and promote cyclists’  rights:
  • Meet and greet your neighbors; we are the Bike Community.
  • Have fun; be the envy of motorists and bystanders.
  • Shout out problems; pass the word forward and back.
  • Right lane, except for turns; no need to block a 4- lane.
  • Front ranks please set a leisurely pace: this ain’t a race.
  • Compact group; gaps will let motorists break into the Mass.
  • Corking gets the Mass through intersections, but might get a traffic ticket.
  • Be friendly to motorists, wave with all five fingers.

Save the Dates: Bicycling Highlights and Special Events

Upcoming special events in the Baton Rouge bicycle scene.  Watch for details in the Bike Calendar, as planning is completed.  Your additions and corrections are welcome.

Got Bike events for the September Calendar?

Any events would be welcome.  But we are thinking that this 20th anniversary of Critical Mass will probably generate some special interest.  We would be pleased to feature your celebratory events, artwork, parties on the bike blog.

Bicyclists’ Writes: advocacies continue as collaborators

There had been some discussion of unifying the three large national bicycle advocacy groups in some sort of a merger.  But it seems they determined to continue as separate entities with shared goals and close collaboration.  The Alliance for Biking & Walking, League of American Bicyclists, and Bikes Belong want to reach some admirable goals by the year 2020:

Bicyclists' Writes: 10 tips for safety

These suggestions from the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Campaign are certainly worth remembering!

  1. CHECK YOUR BIKE- make sure your tires are not worn and properly inflated, and brakes in good condition
  2. USE YOUR HEAD- keep your eyes open to see traffic, ears open to hear traffic, and wear a properly fitted helmet for your protection in a crash that may not be your fault
  3. RIDE RIGHT- ride in the same direction as traffic, staying to the right where practical, but always in the rightmost lane in the direction you are going
  4. RIDE WITH TRAFFIC- when riding at the same speed as other traffic (stopped for example or in traffic jams), it may be safer to take the lane to remain visible, especially at intersections
  5. STOP SIGNS AND RED LIGHTS MEAN STOP- avoid a crash with unseen traffic, and earn respect on the road by driving your bike lawfully and respectfully
  6. KNOW YOUR SURROUNDINGS- watch out for road hazards like gravel, potholes and parked cars where people may open doors. Anticipate what drivers and pedestrians may do next
  7. COMMUNICATE- use hand signals to show your intention (left, right, or stop). Make a personal connection with drivers by making eye contact when possible
  8. BE PREDICTABLE- ride fafely without weaving in traffic or through parked cars. On narrow lane roads ride to encourage drivers to pass with a 3 ft space by riding closer to the center of the lane
  9. REFLECT AT NIGHT- your bike must have a white light on the front and a red light on the rear when riding at night. Wear bright color clothing to always be visible
  10. KEEP YOUR COOL- road rage after a close call benefits no- one and makes a bad situation worse

My Bicycle is not a Toy

I fired off a letter to the newspaper; we'll see how it plays out:

Motorists, please help me keep this pesky bike out of your way.  Blowing the horn, cursing, or acting out threats with your vehicle will not accomplish it.  Instead, let’s ask for improved bicycle infrastructure.

Tips & Tricks: August is tune- up time

After all those springtime miles and summer rambles, August is an opportune time to visit your local bike shop.  Shopping for a new ride seems more leisurely during those doldrum days;   and less demand on the mechanics could net you a quicker turnaround for repairs and maintenance.  The start  of school days will bring a rush, and a feel of fall in the air will soon blow away any vestige of slack's the time.

20th Anniversary, the Interstellar Critical Mass!

That’s how they are billing it in San Francisco.  San Francisco started Critical Mass in September 1992. Rolling down the road 20 years, Critical Mass is now celebrated in over 300 cities worldwide. They are working on a book and are soliciting essays, pictures, fliers, artwork... any language.  Here’s a link.
Any special activities planned for Baton Rouge? We’ll get them on the Bike Calendar.

Friends of Bikes

Please favor the businesses who welcome, accommodate, and contribute to cycling in Baton Rouge. Additional nominations welcome.
Chelsea’s CafĂ©, 2857 Perkins Rd.

The Radio Bar, 3079 Government Street, Suite B

Mid City Bikes, 2560 Government St. 225-636-5776

Highland Coffees, 3350 Highland Rd. 225-336-9773

The Bicycle Shop, 3315 Highland Rd. 225-344-5624

Jim Stone Co, 13751 Florida Blvd. 225-272-5707

Pastime Restaurant, 252 South Blvd. 225-343-5490

Bet- R Grocery, 2812 Kalurah St. 225-343-2361

Garden District Coffee, 2008 Perkins Rd. 225-338-5333

Dave’s Bicycle Repair, Free pickup and delivery. 225-924-4337

Zydeco Foods nutrition bars, Lafayette, LA.

Pedal Play Bicycles, 13726 Perkins Rd. 225) 761-9286

Capitol Cyclery, 8424 Florida Blvd. 225-927-1997

Capitol Cyclery, 5778 Essen Ln. 225-766-4004

Capitol Cyclery, 5542 Jones Creek Rd. 225-756-3578

Pastime Restaurant, 252 South Blvd. 225-343-5490

Bricks & Bombs, 449 Hearthstone Dr. 225-439-1033

Daniel R. Shea, DDS, 1930 Perkins Rd. 225-344-0391

Rite Aid Pharmacy # 7315, 3433 Government St. 225-387-0808

Magpie Cafe, 3205 Perkins Rd. 225-366-6885

Our Lady of the Lake Reg. Med. Cen. 5000 Hennessy Blvd. 225.765.6565

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Bicyclists’ Writes: could a Traffic Skills class improve BR’s bicycle policies?

This just in from the Bike League’s blog: A city councilman in Sioux Falls, SD felt his Traffic Skills 101 experience was “a huge educational process”, and it spurred him to reevaluate bicycle policy. Within a few weeks, the city council had unanimously passed a favorable new bicycle ordinance. Maybe we could cajole Baton Rouge’s council members and get one or two to attend, next time a local LCI holds the class. Link to article

Bicyclists’ Writes: Business Benefits from Biking

A study at Portland State University explores the potential for economic impact upon businesses, when automobile accommodations are lost to bicycle infrastructure. Preliminary results reviewed in the Bike Portland blog imply quite the contrary. While motorists averaged more dollars spent per trip, they made fewer trips. Thus, customers who arrived by car spent the lowest amount per person per month, when compared with those who bicycled, walked, or came by public transit. The article may be found here. Ongoing study is scheduled to continue through September.

Bicyclists’ Writes: Vulnerable User Law

Louisiana should aspire to this! Hopefully, a new law in the state of Washington will help roadway safety by demanding motorist attention to the very serious task of driving. The law specifically targets negligent drivers who kill or seriously injure vulnerable roadway users. In addition to bicyclists and pedestrians, vulnerable users include persons riding an animal, farm tractors, electric-assisted bicycles, scooters and roller-skates, electric personal assistive mobility devices, mopeds and motorcycles. link to the article from Cascade Bicycle Club.

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Bicycle Happenings around BR

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