Bicyclists’ Writes: advocacies continue as collaborators

There had been some discussion of unifying the three large national bicycle advocacy groups in some sort of a merger.  But it seems they determined to continue as separate entities with shared goals and close collaboration.  The Alliance for Biking & Walking, League of American Bicyclists, and Bikes Belong want to reach some admirable goals by the year 2020:
  • The nationwide percentage of trips made by bike will increase to five percent (from one percent in 2012), and the diversity of people on bikes will mirror the diversity of America;
  • Traffic injuries and fatalities (in all modes) will decrease by 50 percent;
  • Half of all Americans will have front-door access to a bicycling network that will take them to destinations within two miles exclusively on low-stress streets, lanes, and trails--protected from high-speed traffic.  Here’s a link to the news article from Bikes Belong.

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