Bicyclists' Writes: 10 tips for safety

These suggestions from the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Campaign are certainly worth remembering!

  1. CHECK YOUR BIKE- make sure your tires are not worn and properly inflated, and brakes in good condition
  2. USE YOUR HEAD- keep your eyes open to see traffic, ears open to hear traffic, and wear a properly fitted helmet for your protection in a crash that may not be your fault
  3. RIDE RIGHT- ride in the same direction as traffic, staying to the right where practical, but always in the rightmost lane in the direction you are going
  4. RIDE WITH TRAFFIC- when riding at the same speed as other traffic (stopped for example or in traffic jams), it may be safer to take the lane to remain visible, especially at intersections
  5. STOP SIGNS AND RED LIGHTS MEAN STOP- avoid a crash with unseen traffic, and earn respect on the road by driving your bike lawfully and respectfully
  6. KNOW YOUR SURROUNDINGS- watch out for road hazards like gravel, potholes and parked cars where people may open doors. Anticipate what drivers and pedestrians may do next
  7. COMMUNICATE- use hand signals to show your intention (left, right, or stop). Make a personal connection with drivers by making eye contact when possible
  8. BE PREDICTABLE- ride fafely without weaving in traffic or through parked cars. On narrow lane roads ride to encourage drivers to pass with a 3 ft space by riding closer to the center of the lane
  9. REFLECT AT NIGHT- your bike must have a white light on the front and a red light on the rear when riding at night. Wear bright color clothing to always be visible
  10. KEEP YOUR COOL- road rage after a close call benefits no- one and makes a bad situation worse