About Critical Mass

Last Friday of every month

5:30 pm at the LSU clock tower (Usually rolls a bit after 6 pm)
facebook= Critical Mass- Baton Rouge

  • CM originated in San Francisco, September, 1992.
  • CM happens around the world, in over 300 cities.
  • NO membership; NO organization; NO leaders;
  • NO agenda. NO set route; NO permit.
  • CM is a celebration of cycling, an assertion of rights.

Misbehavior might get you castigated

  • Critical Mass has no centralized structure, thus no organization with rules.  However, a few “suggestions” could enhance the celebration aspect of CM, and promote cyclists’  rights:
  • Meet and greet your neighbors; we are the Bike Community.
  • Have fun; be the envy of motorists and bystanders.
  • Shout out problems; pass the word forward and back.
  • Right lane, except for turns; no need to block a 4- lane.
  • Front ranks please set a leisurely pace: this ain’t a race.
  • Compact group; gaps will let motorists break into the Mass.
  • Corking gets the Mass through intersections, but might get a traffic ticket.
  • Be friendly to motorists, wave with all five fingers.