Call for November Bike Events

Please note the Design meeting for the November Calendar is October 21. Events for November are best presented at the meeting, but may also be "Commented" here, submitted by email, or posted to the facebook Calendar- planning Event .


Bud Forester said...

Velo Del Oro, Nov 7, 12:30 pm
Velo Cranksgiving, Nov 14, TBA

Rosanne Scholl said...

Monday Metro Madness, every Monday at 8pm. Meet near the tennis courts at City Park. 20-25 miles.

Mark E. Martin said...

Walk & Roll Louisiana, The Kids Walk Coalition, Saturday, November 13th,

Cranksgiving, Sunday, November 14th, start / end 830 West Grant, 12.30 register, 1.00 PM ride, info at registration, after party,